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Global markets are complex, multifaceted, and increasingly dynamic. Management must constantly question how customer requirements and applications are changing, which priorities for the company are derived from this and where the focus should be placed. A good strategy for market segments, geographies, and products not only tells you what to do to be successful, but also what to leave out to avoid getting bogged down. Many companies suffer because this second part is often neglected. However, as soon as the strategic focus is clear, it is necessary to check whether one's own positioning is optimal in terms of technologies, sales, production and supplier structures, and other aspects. We work with our clients on these and other key issues.

Business Strategy

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Strategic planning for markets and regions

Business objectives can only be successfully achieved if they are supported and justified by a vision of the future as well as quantitative and qualitative business planning. We qualify each business area in the strategy portfolio and work with our clients' management teams to create a roadmap for products, markets, and regions that orchestrates all activities.


Core competencies and strategic assets

Core competencies and strategic assets are the success genes in a company's DNA. It is all the more surprising that they are often not explicitly articulated and that employees and managers are not even aware of them. However, it is extremely important to have a precise knowledge of one's own strengths and characteristics in order to position oneself in relation to the competition. Only on this basis can the protection and further development of core competencies and strategic assets, as well as their transfer to other products, be ensured. This is where great potential often lies dormant or existential risks are not mitigated. Companies benefit from our many years of experience in successfully solving these problems.


Go-to-market strategies

In general, size brings economies of scale. However, this is not necessarily the case when it comes to go-to-market, where there are regional idiosyncrasies, differentiated businesses, and autonomous local units. We help sales organizations go to market faster, more efficiently, and more successfully with our proven, template-based methodology.


Sales organization and processes

Sales costs are often the largest single expense for many companies, yet resources are often underutilized and misallocated. With our proven concepts, which we adapt to the individual situation and requirements of each company, we design the right market and customer segmentation as well as efficient sales processes and structures.


Sales Pipeline Management

For many companies, consistent pipeline management is the key to success. This requires the creation of professionally managed sales pipelines and their integration with traditional sales processes. We define the appropriate pipeline management for companies based on our “Sales Stage” concept. This allows for early identification of complex business developments and enables targeted management, individual motivation and adaptation of sales activities.

Client testimonials Business Strategy

What our clients say.

VP Strategy Advisors strongly supported us in our strategic and organizational development. Thanks to their focus on implementation and skillful moderation, we were able to begin implementation immediately after the project.
Peter Tix
CEO Lakesight Technologies
at the time of the project
Without the strong and experienced support of VP Strategy Advisors in every respect, we would not have been able to come up with a well-founded and coordinated concept in such a short time. Now we can go straight into implementation.
Stefan Junker
CFO Bizerba SE & Co. KG
at the time of the project
Once again a very successful project with VP thanks to rapid identification of the relevant influencing factors, excellent analysis and targeted development of strategic options.
Dr. Holger Krasmann
CEO and Chairman of the Board LISEGA SE
at the time of the project
For more than 20 years, Dr. Veintiger and his team have given us competent advice on crucial issues regarding the company’s development and corporate organization.
H.-P. Stoll
Managing Director and Owner of the Stoll Group
at the time of the project
In addition to the quality and efficiency of the entire project, I was most impressed by the fact that the VP team spoke the same language as our own people after a few weeks.
Dr. Davide Maccbruni
CEO SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG
at the time of the project
For many years VP has been our first choice and valued partner for strategic and operational challenges in both business excellence and reorganization. We appreciate not only VP’s experience and knowledge, but also the fact that VP is not afraid to tell us when we are wrong.
Dr. Matthias Schmidt
Head R&D & Technology Rieter AG
at the time of the project
A good corporate and business strategy must define all activities required to achieve desired goals. At the same time, it must clearly state, what should not be done – this is usually the more difficult decision.
Silvina Delembert
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