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Servitization is currently the biggest opportunity and challenge for companies. At VP Strategy Advisors, we know how companies can benefit from this!

Here are some selected methods and solutions:


Service Map

We review the status and scope of the services currently offered by assigning them to the categories "Basic", "Advanced" and "Sophisticated" according to their complexity. Deficits in pre- and after-sales services can already be identified in this step and an initial strategic direction can be derived.


Service Portfolio Analysis

Traditional portfolio analyses are not applicable to services offered in conjunction with physical products, or to integrated product-service systems. Therefore, we at VP Strategy Advisors have developed a specific service portfolio analysis. With our specialized matrix, the competitive intensity, and therefore profitability, and consistency of a revenue stream can be determined. The starting point is always the services currently offered from the service map. These will be complemented, combined, and further developed with additional services from our Service Catalog (see below).


Service Catalogue / Benchmarking data

At VP Strategy Advisors, we have built and continually enhance a comprehensive service catalog based on our project experience and additional data analysis. In the catalog, detailed descriptions of services, proven service combinations with their respective content, suitable customer situations, associated value propositions and sales models, and much more are stored in a structured manner. With the help of this information, we can discuss specific examples from the industry with our clients and quickly adapt them to the client’s specific situation in order to develop new services.


Service Business Models

Working side-by-side with our clients' experts, we define the business models for future services, including the scope of services, target customers, business case and many other relevant aspects. The integrated business cases that are necessary to evaluate these new business models are often particularly difficult. Cross-divisional objectives need to be balanced here: What profit targets does the new system sales department receive when it is first building up the installed base in the country? What must the innovative product-service solutions then compensate for?


Maturity Model for service organizations

An innovative service strategy cannot be applied uniformly in all market segments, countries or regions. The development of the installed base and the maturity of the local service organization and partners are key factors that require intelligent differentiation. We evaluate the maturity level of service organizations with our maturity model, which contains defined evaluation criteria with scaling. From this, we derive specific recommendations and steps for the differentiated implementation of the service strategy.

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